The Thanksgiving Day Run in Salem, Oregon!

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi! Thanks for the race it was really fun! When will te results be posted and where can we find then?

  2. Hi, excited to run with you on Thanksgiving! You have spelled my name wrong still, I know it is a difficult name but could you correct it one more time? Thanks. . .Osterhoudt, Lisa

  3. I really like the awards you made with the shoes. Need to talk with you if can do it with my old spikes from my high school days and make one for me? Please email me.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for running again this year. Yes, I can make others if you have the shoes. They are made from old growth beams planed down. Of course the shoes have to be drilled to be bolted to the wood. It takes some time to gather the right piece of wood but I have some special sources and could put them together for you. The cost would be about $40-55 each, but I will know exact cost after I can locate the wood. If you want to proceed, send me a text picture of the shoes you would like mounted. The engraving would be extra, but it’s not expensive and very easy. I can give you the contact person in downtown Salem that does a lot of running trophies. My mobile phone is 503.750.9245. And my email is
      Britt Sexton

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