The Thanksgiving Day Run in Salem, Oregon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the race? 6k (4 miles), 10k (6.2 miles), 15k (9.3 miles). 

Where is the best place to park? As race events become more popular, so does the issue of parking. Here is the guide for optimum efficiency:

  • If you live in West Salem: Best parking is at Wallace Marine Park, near the boat ramp. It’s a short warm-up run over the Union Street Walking Bridge to the Pavilion starting area. This easily avoids downtown Salem traffic.
  • The main parking structure is Chemeketa Parkade at 300 Commercial St NE, Salem, OR 97301. This is the biggest and closest parking structure, and is less than a half mile from the starting area.
  • At the Salem Riverfront Park entrance on the corner of Front Street and Union. Additional parking near the Gilbert House Children’s Museum at 116 Marion St NE, Salem, OR 97301.
  • The Salem Carousel at 101 Front St NE, Salem, OR 97301.

Where is bib pickup? Morning of the race at the Pavilion of Salem Riverfront Park. And advanced bib pickup is Wednesday from 2:30pm-5:45pm at Gallagher’s Fitness Resources.  135 Commercial Street, Salem. Grab some shoes and gear while you are there.

Is it possible to run two Thanksgiving races in one day? Yes it is. Several runners have proven the logistics of doing the 5k at Keizer station at the 8 am start, and can still make it to Run’ucopia for the 9:05 start. Pre-registration is required to pull this off. Also a passion for running!

Are there T-shirts given out at the race? We appreciate the fact that many runners want to promote their participation in our races, but T-shirts are not sold at this race. Environmentally speaking, race t-shirts fall into the low-quality category of “fast fashion” and cause a lot of ecological harm. It takes over 100 gallons of water to create a new t-shirt.

Salem Run’ucopia is about being grateful, thankful, and having a great running experience on a holiday, rather than material possessions and contributing to climate and other environmental resource issues. Please encourage other race directors to offer the “no t-shirt” option rather than forced consumption. Many races in Oregon are already moving in this direction, and many great online registration companies like RunSignUp make it easier by offering this option in their signup processes.

Can I bring my dog? Dogs are not allowed. Dogs trip people and don’t understand English instruction. Disqualification can occur. This race is exclusively for humanoids. Gigantopithecus would probably not qualify. Neanderthals can run it if they pass a personality test, play well with others and their credit card works. BUT PLEASE NO DOGS. Or horses. Or dogs that look like horses. (There is an excellent race designed for dogs every summer in Salem. But not in chilly November.)

Can I bring my stroller? Yes, but because of the crowded conditions at the beginning of the race, we ask that stroller runners start towards the rear of the starting area.  Be considerate of others trying to pass, and do not follow other runners too closely.

Is there a family discount? Yes, for families of 4-10 that live at the same address.

Can I change races after signup (For example, from the 15k to the 10k)? Yes, but this must be done well before the race actually starts. You can’t change during the race.  If you signed up for the 15k, but want to only do the 10k or 5k, you can log back in to and make the change.

If, for some reason, you become injured during the race, and cannot complete the race, please inform an employee of our timing company. Do not cross the finish line with your chip if you did not complete the distance you entered.

If you somehow escaped the race chute without returning your timing chip, please notify

What about awards? There are medals for the top 3 overall Open finishers for each distance.  For Age Group winners (top 3) there are ribbons.

Since this is Thanksgiving and runners want to focus on festivities, the Run’ucopia has an expedited method for awards. Just go to the posted results, and if you are the top 3 in your age group, report your rank to the awards area.

New this year:

New course over the beautiful new bridge. As you go around the Eco Earth, be sure to smile for the photographer.

Different start times for 10k/15k give them a head start and spread out the field of all races.

Sponsors: Gallagher’s Fitness Resources, FastSigns, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Outward Church, Exchange Club of Salem